Divorce or separation doesn't have to hurt the ones you love

There are solutions for incompatibility.

Many couples choose to settle matters with non-confrontational negotiations. And sometimes those negotiations are made simpler by using an informed third party. Your relationship can wind down in a reasonable and equitable fashion so everyone — particularly the children — can get on with their lives.

Family law is one of the most complicated areas of law as it encompasses so many interrelated legal disciplines. Most families in separation must face legal issues surrounding division of property, child support and custody for their children and themselves. Many families also deal with the law of pensions and severance, estates and succession, insurance, real estate and mortgages. Everyone must face income tax and tax credit law. Families who are self employed encounter business and corporate law, corporate taxation and complicated income evaluation issues related to support and corporate value.

It makes no more sense to attempt your own separation agreement or court proceeding than it does for the handyman to drill his own teeth.

We set out to help our clients clearly understand their options. We use a knowledgeable and conciliatory approach to minimize conflict and protect the investments both parties have made in the relationship.

We examine tax savings and income retirement vehicles, employees’ benefits packages and other options. Our experience in delicate family matters helps to ease anxiety and suffering for everyone.

This could be the most difficult decision you've ever made during a time of personal crisis and turmoil — we know how to help you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Gerald Yemensky has been practicing family law in Ottawa since 1986. He is committed to the collaborative family law process and has been active in family mediation since 1988. Alison Campbell has been practicing family law since 1998 and is an integral part of the Campbell Clark Yemensky law firm.

They use the least confrontational approach to resolve pressing family issues. Gerald and Alison provide rational advice to help their clients to reach a balanced settlement in the best interests of all parties.

Campbell Clark Yemensky enjoys countless family law referrals from former clients and from within the legal community.

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